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Get to know the team from HOILA GUESTS.
Four young people and 1,000 ideas – this is us: Manuel, Nils, Maria, and Matthias. Our routes are in the real estate and tourism industry and at a certain point we started feeling like those two sectors should be perfectly combinable! Many thoughts led to ideas and in the end, HOILA GUESTS was found. We are renting holiday apartments in southern South Tyrol – and soon in other areas, too. Because one thing is for sure: we are unstoppable!


The thinker and doer
The graduated hotel expert can remember every booking, but when it comes to faces, he sometimes has a hard time – but that’s no surprise, as he seems to know everybody! Together with Manuel, he owns HOILA GUESTS. Boredom is something he doesn’t know. He always gives 100 % - whether it is social media or modelling. And he always wants to go with his head directly through the wall: that we know at least since, at an apartment viewing, he ran against a glass door and broke his nose!


The all-rounder and fitness-freak
As an aspiring estate agent with his own company, Manuel is unbeatable when it comes to contracts and negotiations. Together with Nils, he is one of HOILA GUEST’s co-owners, and they are a perfect team. He doesn’t know what doing nothing means: he is always working on a project and spends seven days a week in the gym! But his daily lunch break in the sun and his day off are very important to him, too!


Reliability in person
If absolute precision had a name, it would be called Matthias! The third member of our HOILA GUESTS team was taken on board in 2022, after his friends Manuel and Nils had constantly been telling him about their new business. Since then, Matthias takes care of the finances, after all, he was an accountant for eight years. He doesn’t make any mistakes and works in a very concentrated way. Those who come to the office early in the morning can be sure that Matthias is already there.


The kind soul
Maria is the only woman in our HOILA GUESTS team! She brought the much-needed female touch to our business, which was still missing. Maria has an eye for detail and always keeps track of all apartments. She manages the cleaning staff and personally checks all accommodations before the guests arrive. Here ideas and suggestions are of great value!

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All roads lead to our holiday accommodations

We are not hard to find
Our beautiful holiday apartments are in southern South Tyrol, in Tramin, Kaltern, and Eppan. And our HOILA GUESTS office is in the municipality of Kaltern. Everything can be reached easily, by car or public transport.

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