Let’s go to South Tyrol!
Where more than 70 holiday apartments are waiting for you.
Let’s go to South Tyrol!
Where more than 70 holiday apartments are waiting for you.

Life’s too short to stay at home.

One more reason.
There are sooo many reasons to go South Tyrol on holiday! We created another one for you and say: HOILA GUESTS! This is our company’s name and how we have welcomed our guests from all over the world in our over 70 holiday homes since 2019. We manage them and want you to spend your holiday there, because we are sure of the following: once you had a look at our charming, cosy, modern and comfortable apartments, you will want only one thing: go to South Tyrol and spend your holiday here! Because this is exactly what we would do! But first, let us tell you more about us…

HOILA, what?

You are wondering where the name HOILA GUESTS comes from?
Who has already been to South Tyrol has for sure already heard it: HOILA! This is how we greet our friends and, as our guests are like friends to us, we say HOILA GUESTS! We welcome you to our over 70 holiday apartments. We want you to spend an unforgettable holiday with us, where you have everything, you wish for. Because we want you to remember your holiday in South Tyrol in the best possible way.

Who are we?

Nice to meet you, we are Maria, Nils, Matthias & Manuel
One from the real estate industry and one from the tourism sector. A perfect match, we – Manuel and Nils – thought in 2019 and founded HOILA GUESTS. All started with two apartments at Lake Caldaro, now we already have more than 70! Our office, our “reception”, is located in Caldaro. In the meantime, Maria and Matthias have joined the team and together we are trying to make you feel right at home in our apartments.

Why we, you’re asking?

Because we are true South Tyrolians!
We are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful place like South Tyrol. And as we are nice people, we want to share it with you and invite you to spend your holiday in our area. The best thing: In order for you to feel at home, you have the choice between 70 beautiful apartments, which we personally chose for you. And we are always there for you – before and during your holiday!

So, where would you like to go?

It’s beautiful everywhere, it’s a hard choice.

Drumroll!! Here are the apartments of the week.