Winter, here we come!

In southern South Tyrol, the next winter adventure is already waiting for you.
Yes, it’s true, during winter in southern South Tyrol, there isn’t always a lot of snow, but there are still a lot of things to see and do that will make your winter holiday unforgettable. During Christmas time, for example, there is nothing more magical than paying a visit to one of the many Christmas markets in the surroundings. And you can be sure: the next skiing area is not far away! You don’t even need to drive far to reach winter wonderland, where you can go for a beautiful hike in a snowy landscape. So, are you ready for winter? We are already preparing a warm and cosy holiday apartment for you.

The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas markets in cities and towns
Waiting for Christmas can be hard, even for adults. But time flies when you are spending it at South Tyrol’s Christmas markets. Of course, those in the cities are popular and famous, like the ones in Bozen and Meran. But over the last years, more and more quiet and peaceful Christmas markets in small towns were opened. They are all worth a visit – and it’s even more beautiful with a cup of mulled wine.

It’s time for carnival!

Egetmann Hansl invites you to his wedding.
The locals of Tramin wait for carnival all year long – because Egetmann Hansl gets married and parades through town, together with his bride and many so-called “Maschgra” (people wearing costumes). This custom, which dates back more than 400 years, is among the oldest traditions in the whole of Tyrol and attracts thousands of spectators every second year. But it really is spectacular! As the parade can get a little rough, it is better to wear older clothes and prepare for some unexpected things!

Traces in the snow

Magic winter at Mendel Pass
If you look up, you can notice that there is snow at the Mendel Pass in winter. It is 1,365m high and who goes for a winter or snowshoe hike there, can even reach 2,000m. Let’s go! By car or with the spectacular Mendel funicular. Once at the top, you have the choice: you can go to mount Penegal, to the mountain hut Überetscher Hütte, to the Non Valley… But most importantly: you are in the middle of the snowy landscape.

Let’s have some fun on the slopes!

A skiing holiday in southern South Tyrol is always a good idea!
You are here for skiing? Very good! There are some skiing areas in the surroundings, which can easily be reached in 30 minutes. One of them is the skiing area Obereggen, which makes skiers happy with its 111 kilometres of slopes and 16 ski lifts. Or you go to the Fleimstal Valley, where the slopes of the small skiing area Alpe Cermis are waiting for you. Also on the Mendel, there is a slope and one ski lift. So, keep your skis ready!