Tasty wine and good air in Tramin

A town, its wine, and how to enjoy life.
The locals of Tramin are relaxed people, who know how to live life. You cannot only feel that in every corner of the small, tradition-conscious town in southern South Tyrol, but you can also taste it in its wine – the famous Gewürztraminer. Now, some of you might be thinking: “Oh, that’s where my favourite wine comes from!” It’s about time to visit the picturesque village! And the best place to do that is in a beautiful holiday apartment in Tramin, where you can make yourself at home. After a nice day on holiday, you will soon say: “Let’s go back home to Tramin!”

NEW 2024!

Residence 1963

We now welcome you to Tramin, where the apartments are named after traditional characters of the Tramin Carnival Parade, the Egetmann Parade.